Terrarium DIY Basic Kit for One-Gallon Sized Container

Got the glass picked out? Ready for the next step in your terrarium adventure?

PLantshop’s DIY Terrarium Kit includes everything you need to make a gallon sized container (with enough leftover for one or two tiny terrariums!). Kit comes complete with high quality ingredients designed for use with succulents, detailed instructions, and even a tiny person to populate your new little green world! Please keep in mind that this Basic Kit is meant for open terrariums that hold succulents and cacti and not wet or closed terrariums.

Each bundle includes:
– 2 succulent plant
– 1 Litre succulent soil blend
– 1 Litre Perlite for decoration and water drainage
– 1 oz. Activated charcoal to keep drained water clean
– Pack of Black stones & River stones for decoration
– Pack of preserved moss to use as decorative ground cover

AED 199.50

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