Atricania guentheri (Espostoa guentheri)

Origin and Habitat: Eastern Bolivia (Río Grande valley in Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz, and probably in extreme southeastern Cochabamba). The species is known from a rather small area (extent of occurrence <500 km2)
Altitude: 800-1300 metres above sea level.
Habitat and Ecology: Espostoa guentheri occurs in seasonally dry forest vegetation within an inter-Andean valley, often covering a hillside, or forming a cactus forest with other species. The the area is dry and hot at times, but wet enough to support leafy trees and shrubs. Espostoa guentheri is quite common where it occurs. Ongoing road construction in the southern end of its range is reducing the population, but there are currently no other known threats.

AED 23,100.00