Brunfelsia pauciflora(Yesterday Today and Tomorrow)

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow: How To Grow and Care For Brunfelsia

Do you know the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant? You may know it as the Brunfelsia plant – Brunfelsia grandiflora or Brunfelsia pauciflora.

The plant is also known by a few other names – Kiss Me Quick, Morning-Noon-and-Night and the Brazil Raintree.

Originating from Brazil, Brunfelsia grows in light woodland and thickets. It can reach up to 10 feet and can spread up to 12 feet. When grown in the landscape Yesterday Today and Tomorrow is grown more a small shrub or bush.

It’s grown mainly to its fragrant, sweet smelling flowers. In fact, the species Brunfelsia pauciflora – the species name, “bonodora,”  in Latin, means ‘sweet-smelling’. Plant Brunfelsia close to you home, deck or patio to enjoy the flowers and fragrance!

The name Brunfelsia comes from a German monk, Otto Brunfels and it is often misspelled as Brunsfelsia.

The common name Yesterday Today and Tomorrow comes for the flowers which changes from one day to the next. The flower begin with blooms of violet colors, then change to pale lavender blue and finally white.

The flowers appear on end of long stems which open singly. Under favorable conditions a plant can bloom all year round

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