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Emirates Magic Organic Fertilizer

Organic-based slow release fertilizer catering to the requirements of the best plant growth and high yield.

Contains essential plant nutrients in high concentration.

Releases nutrients throughout plant life.

Improves soil and plant growth.


Contains heat treated plant origin, bone meal and amino acids, all elements organic origin. it provides growing plants with essential elements in a slow release manner which guarantees ideal growth and improves quality.

Recommended Application Rates:

Vegetables: 1MT/donum

Fruit Trees: 2-3Kg/tree

Flowering Plants: 100 gms/pot

Lawns: 1MT/acre

Palm Trees: 2.5 Kg/year

Heat treated in pellet, and granule form.

Environment-friendly .

Reduces soil alkalinity and stabilizes soil pH.

Increases soil productivity and crop yield.


AED 12.60