Furcraea foetida

The Furcraea genus includes succulent shrubs sometimes used as ornamental pieces in gardens and as a source of natural fibers. The most popular among them is the Furcraea foetida: its long, sword-shaped, variegated leaves make it a distinctive and attractive ornamental piece. Furcraea foetida also blooms with flowers ranging from creamy white to green with a powerful and pleasant scent. Though different species of Furcraea vary in size.

Foetida is a fairly manageable size for container cultivation. It remains only a few feet tall and a few feet wide. The F. foetida is also commonly referred as Mauritius hemp or green aloe. Most Furcraea species, including the F. foetida, are of interest for the natural fique fibers they produce. Native to tropical regions like the Caribbean and northern South America, Furcraea grows in warm, wet environments

Growing Conditions
Light: Full sun is best, but F. foetida will do fine in light shade as well. These are good plants for a south-facing exposure or unobstructed east- or west-facing window.

Water: Furcraea foetida are drought resistant due to their large root system: watering them infrequently (though more so during their bloom in summer and spring) will be fine. Be careful not to overwater. As with most succulents, standing water can be lethal.
Soil: the Well-draining succulent mix is crucial—too much water will kill these plants, and they should never be in water-logged soil or allowed to stand in a tray with water. The pH should be slightly acidic.

Fertilizer: Furcraea will take either a controlled-release fertilizer at the beginning of the season or weekly fertilization with a weak liquid solution. Mature Furcraea needs a 20-20-20 fertilizer at 1/4 strength, while younger ones need one with less nitrogen.

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