Livistona Palm

This very decorative oriental fan palm is easily cared for. As a house plant it has a really exotic look about it! Stand it prominently in your living room. The fan palm needs lots of light but do keep out of the midday sun.

The Livistona rotundifolia has a natural dormant period in November and December. Water less and do not feed. The plant need not be moved to a cooler position and after the dormant period, just start feeding and watering as normal.

Livistona rotundifolia is a strong house plant, easily grown. The leaf stalks are as many other palms, slightly spiked and divided.

Livistona originated in the tropical rain forests and open woodlands of Asia and Australia where it is often in the shade. It can become a fairly large plant that does well in full sun too.
In the tropics, the large round fan shaped leaves of this decorative palm tree can easily reach two metres across and long.
In temperate climes the Livistona rotundifolia makes a very popular houseplant. The yellow flowers and edible fruit is however only to be expected in tropical regions.

Livistona is a member of the palm family (Arecaceae).
The Livistona was named after Baron Livistone, founder of the Botanical Garden in Edinburgh.
Rotundifolia is Latin for: round shaped leaves.

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