Monalisa Liptstick Plant

Aeschynanthus radicans

The Aeschynanthus lipstick vine has pointy, waxy leaves and blooms with bright clusters of flowers. Vivid red blossoms emerge from a dark maroon bud reminiscent of a tube of lipstick. Growing lipstick plants is not difficult, and with proper care you get rewarded with continuous flowers.

Lipstick plant care begins with airy soil and proper fertilization. A 3-2-1 ratio liquid fertilizer gives a good result as long as you keep the soil moist. Be sure that you add a small amount of vitamins to the potting soil as part of the fertilization program.

Too much water is disastrous for growing lipstick plants. You should water the plants moderately and be sure not to soak the soil or you risk root rot and fungal problems.

The Aeschynanthus lipstick vine will not bloom without adequate light. Avoid placing this plant in full shade or full sun. The plant needs bright light for a portion of the day, but not all day long.

AED 84.00