Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos plants are among the most popular houseplants for their versatility and easy care. Neon Pothos have yellowish leafs which make them easily recognizable and popular in a variety of settings. Typically a fast-growing strong climber, Neon Pothos can flourish as houseplants or climbers, indoor and outdoor, in full sun or partial shade, and requires little watering.

Growing Conditions
Neon Pothos is a very versatile plant that can tolerate the lower light levels or bright filtered light of a home while also thriving in the full sThe soil around Neon Pothos should be kept relatively moist but take care not to over water. Neon Pothos have a shallow root system which means that less actually is more when watering as less water is needed to saturate the soil down to the lowest roots. Neon Pothos will perform best when watered freely during the growing season. However, try not to soak the soil but instead water lightly around the pot. Reduce the frequency and amount of water to light or moderate watering in winter.un of a yard or grown outdoors in tropical states such as Florida. Indoor Neon Pothos require bright filtered light during most of the year. The yellow variegations of the plant become more pronounced when exposed to greater amounts of light. Outdoor plants can tolerate full sun to partial shade such as would be found when grown through trees, against a wall, or over a pergola.

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