Phoenix roebelenii

The Dwarf Date Palm originated underneath the canopy of dense tropical forests in Africa and Asia. This helps explain why this plant does so well in the indirect light found in homes and offices. A Dwarf Date Palm is a very slow growing palm that reaches a maximum height of about 4-5 ft. indoors (1-2 meters).  It produces arching, graceful fronds about 3ft. or .9 meters in length with delicate leaflets on them. These fronds develop off of a stately central trunk. Like most palms, the Dwarf Date Palm is an excellent clean air plant.

A Phoenix Roebelenii does best in bright indirect light, but can survive in medium filtered light, be careful not to over-water in lower light. This Palm likes to be near an East or South facing window.

Keep the soil of a Pygmy Date Palm moist but never soggy during most of the year. In winter, allow the soil to dry out before watering. The fronds of a Dwarf Date Palm turn brown from too much water or from hard water.

Fertilize a Phoenix Roebelenii once in spring and again in summer with a time-release fertilizer. Rose fertilizers work well because they provide important micronutrients that a Phoenix Roebelenii needs. Not enough magnesium in the plant food causes yellow spots on the fronds. If you use a regular, rather than a time release plant food, fertilize monthly when the palm is actively growing. Always dilute the plant food to 1/2 the recommended strength.

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