Basafer Plus – Iron Powder

Chelated iron fertilizer (EDDHA) with 6 % Fe.
For the preventive and curative treatment of iron deficiency (chlorosis) in agricultural and horticultural crops.

Basafer Plus is applied to the soil, usually in one application per vegetation period. Foliar application is not recommended.Experiences shows that application in dissolved form leads to the desired results more rapidly. The concentration of the final solution should not exceed 2 % (for directed irrigation systems and treatment of pot and container plants do not exceed 0.2 %).

Standard soil application:
Recommendation for application per crop:
Apply the solution to a depth of 5 – 20 cm, either in furrows (e. g. for vegetables parallel to the plant row) or in holes around the plant (in orchard 4-6 holes per plant approx. 30 cm from the trunk), or by spreading in solid form with subsequent incorporation and /or watering in.

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