Radermachera sinica

Radermachera sinica

Radermachera sinica is a sturdy house plant with nicely shaped glossy green foliage which is divided into leaflets. Radermachera sinica also known as China Doll originated in the tropical mountain regions of China and Taiwan. Stand your Radermachera in a light spot, out of direct sunlight. Radermachera sinica adds charm to any room!

Keep your Radermachera sinica growing well with a weekly watering – add plant food for leafy plants to the water fortnightly. During the summer you can water twice a week but only when the potting compost feels dry to the touch. Radermachera Sinica has a natural dormant period in November and December and will then require less watering and no feed. Continue as before after the dormant period is past.
In living rooms with a low humidity (< 50%) the plant will appreciate being sprayed once or twice a day. A chalky residue will show on leaves in areas with hard water so we advise using rainwater or cool boiled water for spraying.

On a warm, rainy day as long as there is not too much sun, your Radermachera Sinica will appreciate being stood outdoors,. It will really perk up after a shower.

As in its natural habitat, it will regularly lose its lower leaves – do not worry if they turn yellow and drop off, as long as it continues to make new ones.

Remember all of the above and you can keep your Radermachera sinica healthy and looking fresh for a long time.
If the plant gets too large or gets bare branches you can give it quite a heavy pruning. It will produce new shoots and will regain a new fresh look.

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